Monday, December 8, 2008

Books anyone??

Hey everyone! I just thought I would let everyone know that I am an individual consultant for Usborne Books at Home. These books are SOO great for all ages! That is why I decided to start selling them! So, if you want to get a book for someone on your gift list then you should definitely check out my website and browse through the books. There are touchy-feely books, puzzle books, Internet-referenced/linked books, first readers, and more! There are also tons of close-out items!

I have a few books that I have gotten for Brady and he absolutley LOVES them! He reads them over and over. I also have some books that I got in my consultant starter kit. so, if you want to come and check them out you can. You can't find these books in stores, so before you go out searching for that perfect book, check out my site and I bet you will find what you are looking for!

My site is (just copy and paste it into your browser.)

Also, if you would like to host a book party, you can get FREE books! All you have to do is invite people over to your house and that's it! The books totally sell themselves! Then based on the amount of books that are sold, you get a certain amount of FREE books. So, let me know when you would like to have your own book party and we will get it all set up.

let me know if you have any questions...

I hope you are all having a great day and staying warm and inside away from the cold snow!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Court's creativity. and some more stuff.

So, court decided that he is going to be a handy wood carver man and Here is what he came up with... Well, first a little background. So, when we were down in Detle the last time, over Halloween, we went to a craft show and there were these REALLY cute shelves there with frames hanging from them. Kathy, court's mom, was like, those would be so easy to make! So I showed court and he agreed. I totally forgot about them afterwards, probably because I had the 36-hour stomach bug which totally sucked. Anyway, the other day I was at my mom's teaching piano and I called Court to say Hi and he said he was making a surprise for me! I was really excited because his surprises are always awesome! So, I finished teaching, went home and waited for Court to get home with my prize! He walks in the door and this is what he had...

Now here is a close up of the detail...

All I have to do now is paint it, rough it up a bit and then put the hook and hang frames from it and it will be just like the one I saw at the craft store, but for 10 bucks instead of $80!! Woohoo total score!!

So here are some pics from our latest Park adventure!

And last but not least, today while I was in my room and Brady was running around as usual, I saw him run over by the stairs and so I quickly finished what I was doing and went over to the stairs and this is what I found...

This was a first for him! I was so pround of him, except now I can't just bring him upstairs with me and expect him to stay upstairs

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brady's 1 year pics

So, Brady turned one on October 3rd and we finally had his 1-year old pictures taken! My mom is a great photographer, so we decided to have her take the pictures this time. This way we could take them outside and the pictures could be more candid. So, last Saturday we headed out to my parent's house and got busy taking the pics befroe Brady's naptime. It was a little cold... So not all the pictures are outside. But the ones that are are so cute, well I think they are. I think that as parents we automatically get bragging rights. Anyway, Here are some of the pics.

I love this one cuz Brady seems so mischievious...

Here is one with the whole family...All three of us!

Here is Brady and Daddy playing one of Brady's favorite games, being thrown in the air.....

Here is his big cheesy smile

So here is the little guy showing Daddy a leaf

Whenever we say, "oh my head" this is what Brady does...

Brady and Daddy playing in the Snow.

This is when we knew we were done...Too much fidgeting. :)

I was really happy with the pictures! Thanks mom for taking part of your Saturday to take our pics!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


All right, so I am not the best blogger... this we all know. I compare it to writing someone a letter, which I also am not very good at. Maybe I will get better someday... Brady dressed up like a puppy and I seriously think he was the cutest little puppy ever! He does this little growl thing that is so funny! So we figured that a puppy would be a good costume for it. Brady loved dressing up for Halloween! Enjoy the pics! Here is Brady as a puppy! We drove down to Delta to visit Grandma and Grandpa Morris and I sat in the back with Brady the whole time to keep him entertained... Here are the cousins and Brady. Kaetly was Cinderella and Myia was a Kitty! Brady, Great-grandma, and cousin Ava. Brady and more tub adventures! And Today Brady had learned how to put his Penne pasta on his fingers. He is such a riot! Always makes sure Mom's camera is close! Oh and Go UTES! 10-0!!!! And TCU, welcome to go home! See ya!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been tagged TWICE!

OK, so I was tagged a few days ago, maybe a week, again, better late than never!

Here are the pics around my house as it is right now... Some cute, some not so cute...

Here is my closet. I just got the shoe shelf, so I am much happier with it now.

Sleeping Brady, only time I ever get anything done. :)


My messy living room, with toys strewn about.

My messy sink... but we are going to have some yummy sugar cookies because of it!

Some Holiday Decorations.

My Piano

My fridge.

My bed, so comfy!

My Fave Shoes!!

My cute new's way cuter on than on the hanger...

Last the best! My cute husband Court!

So, for this I now tag Amanda Collins, Ashley Carrell, and Kaija Purvis

Now for the other tag!

My fourth picture from my fourth file...

This pic didn't end up being that long ago, because we are in the middle of clearing up some memory on the Computer, so most of our pictures are on CDs. So this pic is of BRady enjoying his Spaghetti for the first time.

For this one I tag Lisa Feil, Lindsay Sheppard, and Melissa Clark.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brady's Birthday!

So, I know this is a really late post, since Brady's birtday was octobet 3rd... Better late than never! We wanted to have one big party for Brady's first birthday so, we sent out invites to all the family near and far and whoever could come, came! It was really fun! Brady was really spoiled... He got more toys and clothes that he knew what to do with. :) In fact, he got bored of all the new stuff and wanted Gramma in the middle of the present opening. So, Court and I finished. We made cupcakes instead of a big cake, and we had a stand that we put them on. Anyway, it was a really fun party and Brady had lots of fun!! Here are some highlite pics...

Eating pizza with gramma!

Brady's cupcake cake!

Going to town on the cupcake! He LOVED it!

Opening presents... see them all!?

Thanks everyone for the presents! IT was so fun to see all that came!

The next day, we went down to Delta for Court's Dad's birthday! We surprised him with a Harley! My camera ran out of batteries so I don't have pics the last one that I took was this one...

Brady dressed up like a pirate! I couldn't stop taking pics of him! I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Well, I hope everyone is well! Have a great day!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Phone Numbers....

All right, so, my phone decided to DIE the other day... So, I need everyone's number again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's official!

Brady can walk!!! He is all over the place!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Take three...

Ok, I am officially an idiot! The first time I tried to upload this dang video it took like an hour and STILL wasn't done, and the second time, I uploaded it to my piano studio blog, so here I am trying to upload it for a third time and last time. If it doesn't work this time then you will jus thave to miss out on this funny little dance.

Yay it worked! So now you can all enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At the Park, giving kisses, and taking baths!

We went to the park about a week ago and here are some pics from it. Brady was pretty unhappy in the car going to the park, but once we were there, he was SOO happy!

Here we are walking from the car to the park.

Here is Brady loving the swing!!

Brady and court climbing through a tunnel!

We then went to Delta and on the way home Brady was awake the whole time, much to our dismay!! I was hoping he would sleep at least half the time. But instead, I had to climb in the back and play with him, and he discovered that two binkeys are almost as good as one.

The other night, Brady was giving Court kisses...then well, just watch the video...

Then he gave me kisses! It looks like he is making out with me!

Brady playing in the tub!!

There is another video that I want to put is so funny! Brady dancing in the tub! But since it takes FOREVER to upload video, that will have to wait, maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brady walking...sort of...

So Brady did this like 20 times without falling before I actually recorded him and the time that I record him he fell. He is getting around so much these days, almost walking al by himself. He will let go of the furniture and walk to things, and he will also, walk from Court to me and back and forth. He is just not quite ready for the long distance walking. Anyway, enjoy the movie!

PS sorry it's sideways...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our visit to Temple Square!

So, we went to Temple Square last Sunday. From the pics, you can tell that we had a really good time! Brady played in the Water...yes he played in the reflection pond, the little stream, and this little pond by the JSMB. Court and I wanted to show Brady the Temple, the Christus, and the temple grounds.

Here is Brady playing in the reflecting pond!

And another...did I mention that he got completely SOAKED!! If we would have let him, he would have gone right into the middle and gone swimming!!

Here he is with daddy!

And with mommy!

We went up to the Christus and Brady loved it! He kept screaming and listening to his voice echoing. Then, he made his way up to the statue of Jesus.

Here is all of n front of the Christus!

We then headed over to the other water fountains...but on the way, Court started throwing Brady in the air, which he loved!

Here is up in front of the temple!

Brady really likes being thrown in the air!!