Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's about time......

All right, so I figured it was about time I updated my blog. So, here I am. AS I have not updated since probably MARCH I will spare you all the details of the year and give you a short synopsis of the goings on of late.

March, moved into my parent's basement while trying to find a house.... Yes, we did this last year, but decided that we were going to try again and find something not so old and needing so much work. (We found out that we did not have the time or evergy to do all that was required...) Plus, remember the pool??? It turned out to be an algae infested money pit.

April-August, full of summer playing, lovin', and playing in the water/sprinklers/anything to do outside. In the mean time, got a crazy puppy, named Molli.

September: My baby Maddie turned 1! (going on 16) She is a delight and LOVES all things pretty.

October: BIG month.... Brady turned 3 and is enjoying his new found independence much to his mother's dismay. I want him to be 2 again. It was much easier. We got our house finally!! YAY!!! We are in Eagle Mountain and love every minute of being out here. It is so quiet and peaceful. :) And other than a rainy Halloween, in which Brady was Batman, Maddie was a clown, Court was a U football player, and I was a witch.

November-December, full of food, fun, and Holidays. SOO much fun!!

Christmas eve we got our pictures taken and here are the results. We got them taken at a studio called FOTOFLY and might I add they are great!! So reasonably priced and the photographer was great with the kids.

PS I love the ones with Brady and Maddie...