Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, we have been super busy lately... like, trip to Moab, playing with friends, cleaning algae infested pool, and a few other things. But all these things are going to have to wait. I have been working on my mission scrapbook and so here are some pics from that!! I have only gotten past the first few months, so that's the pics you get. More to come I am sure.

This is a pic of one of my FAVE people getting baptized. We will be related someday due to the marriage of our children. Julia Blakeney.

Me and my fave comp. Sister Aubrey Anne Fullmer.

Beautiful Halifax Temple on Christmas Eve 2004.

Were you wondering where I went? Well, I went here. Read the sign. :)

Were you wondering where that is? It's here.

My long lost little sis that I was reunited with on my mission. Love you Michelle!

Monday, July 20, 2009

AFLAC Maternity Insurance!!

So, i figured since we are all at that age where we are having kids, well most everyone who reads this anyway, I figured I should let you all know about AFLAC maternity Insurance! I didn't know about it before I got preg this time and I wish i did! It would have covered more than half of my deductible. Anyway, Court is working for AFLAC now, which is how we found out about the maternity coverage, and I just thought I would throw out the info that if anyone is looking for supplemental Maternity or health insurance for that matter to let me know. Cuz that is Court's new job!

Monday, July 13, 2009


So, my phone did fall in the pool, but luckily, we were able to dry it out enough to get it turned on. But only when it is plugged in the wall. It's weird being tied to a wall when I am talking on the phone. Feels so 90s... So, I still have everyone's numbers. :) LUCKILY! Thanks Ash though for yours. I will now be able to stalk you with your work #. So, if you get any prank calls, it's not me. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Your number.

Well, my phone fell in the pool. The wind came and knocked the shirt off the fence it was sitting on and then, bounce bounce bounce plop. And down down down into the pool it went. So, I need your number again... you can e-mail me at or message me on facebook. or leave it in the comment box. Whichever you prefer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

So, over the fourth, my parents decided to have a reunion for my family. We all slept over at my parent's and had four days full of fun and adventure! So, it all started last Thursday. Everyone arrived and we staked claim to where we were sleeping. Some chose to sleep outside and some inside. I was an inside sleeper... I didn't want to go all the way inside when I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom...

We went to Cowabunga Bay and had a BLAST! It's the new water park in Draper. And if you haven't gone, I highly recommend it! Anyway, here are some pics from that!

Here we are in the Lazy River.

Bam, Lauren, and Emma playing in the splash pool

Landon, Nate, RyAnne, and Kenny in the splash pool.

Later, that night, we had fireworks! But while we were waiting for it to get daek, Uncle Bam taught Brady all about paintball guns and Brady caught right on. He is such a boy.

Court got to play his favorite part and be a Pyro while lighting off all the fireworks.

The next day, we went swimming at our house and that night went to the Bees game.

We had so much fun! Can't wait for the next reunion!