Thursday, December 24, 2009

4 out of 5

So, Maddie has slept through the night 4 out of the past 5 nights!! Yipee!!

PS more update coming soon... We have been BUSY!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maddie's Pictures!!

Here are the pics that my friend Jill took of Maddie! We love them! Thanks Jill!!!!

Hope you liked them!! HAPPY SNOW DAY!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Must be winter...

So, today is 17 degrees Farenheit... Feels like 8... Not sure what that is in Celsius. (Sorry all my Canadian readers.) It's too cold for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maddie's Pics

Check out for ADORABLE PIcs of Maddie!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Show!

I am having a book show on Tues Dec. 1. It's for Usborne books! If you have not heard of them, you are seriously missing out... They are AWESOME! So, come and check them out.

Tues December 1st
7:00 PM
At my mom's house. If you want her address, let me know.

They would be great gifts for your little ones this Christmas!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Book your show now!!

Hey everyone!

So, about a year and a half ago, I discovered these AMAZING books! They are Usborne Books. I became a consultant. Then, I forgot about it for a while. But I decided to start doing it again for this holiday season.

They are great books! The way you obtain these awesome books, is by holding a book show. By holding a show, you get free books! What is better than that?! Especially with the holidays coming up!

The sooner you book your show the better because books sell out and if you wait too long, you may not get your books in time for christmas for your cute little ones!

Let me know when you want to hold your show today!

Thanks guys!

PS There are extra specials for hostessing a show for the month of November and December!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Who fits better??

Maddie in the tub.

So, Maddie has started smiling at us! The other morning, I was getting ready and I went over to say Hi to her and this is what happened...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maddie's blessing and Halloween!

So, last Sunday we had Maddie's baby blessing. It was really nice and Court did a great job! Here is a picture of Maddie in her blessing outfit. (Which was mine, by the way, when I was blessed.)

This one, she looks like she is screaming, but she wasn't making a sound. :) She doesn't like to cry.

(Sorry about the sideways pic. You know how blogger is sometimes...)

Here is m little Brady all dressed up in his Halloween costume... He went through a phase when he REALLY like Kung Fu Panda, and I got the costume during that phase.

Well, that's all for now! TTYL!

PS Maddie sleeps soo well! She only wakes up once a night to eat. And she holds her head up really well too! She is almost 6 weeks old! CRAZY!

Friday, October 16, 2009

no more...

So, Brady really loves his binkey. We have been thinking of getting rid of it for a while now. Well, the other day, i went to my parent's and forgot his "bink" at our house. He only has it when he sleeps, and we were going to be there for his nap. So, I realize this half my to my mom's house... i thought to myself, oh no. And called court to see if he thougt i should go back and get it or if i should just see how brady did without it. We decided it was time and to see how he did without it.

When naptime came, i told him it was lost and had to snuggle him to sleep. He still asks for it everytime he goes to bed... and we still have to snuggle him half the time... but we are rid of the "bink!!" Yay!!! Now if only his 2-year molars would finish coming in...

Monday, October 5, 2009

We are still alive!

So, it has now been a week and a half and I am still alive with these two children. Brady still LOVES his "Baby Sister." When you ask him what her name is, he says, "Name, Maddie." It's really funny. He wants her to do everything with him and he even tries to share his toys with her. The other day, he gave her a ball and a toy motorcycle. She, of course, was thrilled to play with his toys. :) So, here are some new pics of our little cuties!

Here is little Maddie at eight days old.

It was Brady's birthday on Saturday so here are some pics of that. He turned TWO!!

Here is birthday morning. He was so excited for the candles!

Here is the cake that night. If you look closely, you can see a little drool dripping out of his mouth onto the cake. Yummy! I'm not sure who got that piece...

Brady likes Maddie to watch movies with him.

And Brady also likes to play in Maddie's Bassinet.

That is what we have been up to for the past week and a half. We are all doing great and adjusting to having two. Well, actually I don't really know what it's like tp have two yet, I have had a lot of help from court and my mom taking good care of Brady. So, if you don't hear from me again, then you will know why. I might be going crazy! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Maddie

Madelyn Morris

Born: Sept. 24, 2009 8:31 PM 8 Lbs 4 Oz 21 inches long

Brady LOVES her!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here is it!

So, first and foremost, the countdown is ON! I only have 9 days left until life as I know it will be changed FOREVER! Am I ready? Physically, Yes. Mentally, Hmmm. Emotionally, Hmmmm. Does Brady have any idea what is going on and how his whole world will be turned upside down in just a matter of days? No. Oh well, We will just take it as it comes right??

As for us lately, we have had some big changes! Brady is now in a "Big Boy" bed and he loves it!

We went to Delta for a last Summer Hoorah on the boat at the Res. I didn't go on the boat, but here's a fun pic of my boys.

Brady has discovered jumping...

While we were in Delta, There was a frog in Grandma and Grandpa's little stream and Court and Grandpa caught it for Brady to enjoy.

Brady got to ride a motorcycle, a tractor, the boat, the tube behind the boat, and a water bike while he was in Delta! I am surprised he ever wanted to come home. :)

Last but definitely not least, we went to the zoo on Saturday to see the new baby elephant. We went really early so that we could avoid the crowds... and boy was that worth getting up and going on a Saturday morning! Here are some pics of all the babies at the zoo right now!

Well this isn't a baby animal, but he is my baby and was at the zoo that day. :)

Baby tigers

Baby Giraffe

Baby snow leopard

Baby elephant. It was soooo cute! Brady LOVED it!

Well, that's all for now! So, you know, i prob won't post again til after the baby is born. It may be a while... Maybe not though. I might surprise you!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Apparently, I just needed to update my blog in order for it to update. Weird. We will see if it sticks.


So, I am scheduled to have the baby on the 24th! We are going to try to avoid having another huge baby... Brady was 9.9 so let's not try that again.

I am going to try to update better soon, we have done sooo many fun things that past few weeks but getting ready for baby and taking care of Brady is sort of consuming my life right now. So, I will post pics soon!

Oh, BTW if anyone know how to make my blog start updating again, that would be great to know. The blog list won't update and neither will my ticker thing at the top... weird. Anyway, let me know if you know how.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm ready!

So, I talked to my Dr today and asked her when she would induce me if I didn't go into labor on my own... See, I want to avoid having another 9 lb 9 oz baby... She said she would go as early as 39 weeks. So, I have a tentative induction date for Sept 24th! Yay! I am due the 29th so it's only 5 days ealry. I am really excited and I hope that maybe I will get an 8 pounder this time. Maybe high 7 pounder? I guess we will see. With Brady I was a week and a half over, so hopefully by going a little bit early this little gal won't be as huge. :)

And for your viewing pleasure, though I'm not sure how pleasurable it is, here is my 34 weeks pic.

And another of Brady trying to learn how to ride his bike. He had his feet on the pedals for so long and then wouldn't put them up when I got the camera... in fact wouldn't even look at the camera.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok, Ok

So, i decided to finally update everyone on our life... We have been so busy and I am really trying to hurry and catch up on scrapbooking before baby #2 is born. We will see how far i get...

So, we went to Moab. It was really fun! Brady did pretty well on the rides to and from. We had movies and games for him to play and stuff. But wow, it was a LONG ride. Only 4 hours, but still. So, we went to Arches National Park and the first day was HOT HOT HOT!! So, we went for a short little walk to see Delicate Arch from far away.

Brady won't smile for pics. So here he is practicing for his GQ shoot. :)

Our cabin that we stayed in. It was SO nice!

Then Court and I went to hike the Arch when it wasn't so blazing hot outside. Brady Stayed with Grandma. But that day was rainy and cool, so the hike wasn't bad.

Then, most recent, we went to the County Fair over the weekend which was really fun! There were pony rides and a petting zoo, and carnival rides, and more! Here are a few shots of that.

Petting zoo fun, Brady didn't really like the animals to eat out of his hand but we got a couple pics of it.

(Sorry for the sideways pic, don't know how that happened.)

Then, he wanted to go for a pony ride, but only for about 30 seconds, luckily, I got one picture.

There were also Kangaroos... Random, I know.

And then the biggest rabbit I have ever seen.

So, those are the highlights hope you liked it!!