Friday, January 15, 2010


So, as all of you know, My hubby works for a certain insurance company that sells a certain Maternity Benefit. Well, this company has decided to STOP writing all maternity benefits after Feb 15th... So, if you are planning on having any more children, SIGN UP now!!! And keep it until you are through having kids. Once you are signed up, they won't cancel you policy...

We are going to sign up and keep it until we are all done having babies. It ends up paying out at least $3,000 for having a baby. And all you do is pay about $100/month. It has to be in place 10 months before the baby is born, but if you are already preg, and are planning on having more kids, you should sign up too. It won't help with this baby, but will with all the rest!

Court says he will give a $50 gift card to your choice place if you refer someone and they sign up. Remember, there is no more signing up after Feb 15th!!

Let me know if you are interested and I will get Court your info.

Happy babymaking!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I guess the movie didn't work in the previous post... Sorry guys it will have to wait. No time now. :)


So, December has come and gone. Boy was it a busy one! We were home for about 6 days in three weeks... It was Crazy! But really fun too! So, i did take lots of pics over Christmas, but I think for the sake of the blogging attention span, I will skip all the details and give you a couple pics and go on. :) We went to Court's sister's wedding on Dec 31 and boy was it a cold one. It was at the Manti Temple. I will just say that Heavenly Father made it a little windy that day. And it had snowed the day before. Here are some pics of that. And the latest is that Maddie is laughing now! It is really cute and funny! Here is a video.