Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Court's creativity. and some more stuff.

So, court decided that he is going to be a handy wood carver man and Here is what he came up with... Well, first a little background. So, when we were down in Detle the last time, over Halloween, we went to a craft show and there were these REALLY cute shelves there with frames hanging from them. Kathy, court's mom, was like, those would be so easy to make! So I showed court and he agreed. I totally forgot about them afterwards, probably because I had the 36-hour stomach bug which totally sucked. Anyway, the other day I was at my mom's teaching piano and I called Court to say Hi and he said he was making a surprise for me! I was really excited because his surprises are always awesome! So, I finished teaching, went home and waited for Court to get home with my prize! He walks in the door and this is what he had...

Now here is a close up of the detail...

All I have to do now is paint it, rough it up a bit and then put the hook and hang frames from it and it will be just like the one I saw at the craft store, but for 10 bucks instead of $80!! Woohoo total score!!

So here are some pics from our latest Park adventure!

And last but not least, today while I was in my room and Brady was running around as usual, I saw him run over by the stairs and so I quickly finished what I was doing and went over to the stairs and this is what I found...

This was a first for him! I was so pround of him, except now I can't just bring him upstairs with me and expect him to stay upstairs

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brady's 1 year pics

So, Brady turned one on October 3rd and we finally had his 1-year old pictures taken! My mom is a great photographer, so we decided to have her take the pictures this time. This way we could take them outside and the pictures could be more candid. So, last Saturday we headed out to my parent's house and got busy taking the pics befroe Brady's naptime. It was a little cold... So not all the pictures are outside. But the ones that are are so cute, well I think they are. I think that as parents we automatically get bragging rights. Anyway, Here are some of the pics.

I love this one cuz Brady seems so mischievious...

Here is one with the whole family...All three of us!

Here is Brady and Daddy playing one of Brady's favorite games, being thrown in the air.....

Here is his big cheesy smile

So here is the little guy showing Daddy a leaf

Whenever we say, "oh my head" this is what Brady does...

Brady and Daddy playing in the Snow.

This is when we knew we were done...Too much fidgeting. :)

I was really happy with the pictures! Thanks mom for taking part of your Saturday to take our pics!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


All right, so I am not the best blogger... this we all know. I compare it to writing someone a letter, which I also am not very good at. Maybe I will get better someday... Brady dressed up like a puppy and I seriously think he was the cutest little puppy ever! He does this little growl thing that is so funny! So we figured that a puppy would be a good costume for it. Brady loved dressing up for Halloween! Enjoy the pics! Here is Brady as a puppy! We drove down to Delta to visit Grandma and Grandpa Morris and I sat in the back with Brady the whole time to keep him entertained... Here are the cousins and Brady. Kaetly was Cinderella and Myia was a Kitty! Brady, Great-grandma, and cousin Ava. Brady and more tub adventures! And Today Brady had learned how to put his Penne pasta on his fingers. He is such a riot! Always makes sure Mom's camera is close! Oh and Go UTES! 10-0!!!! And TCU, welcome to go home! See ya!