Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm ready!

So, I talked to my Dr today and asked her when she would induce me if I didn't go into labor on my own... See, I want to avoid having another 9 lb 9 oz baby... She said she would go as early as 39 weeks. So, I have a tentative induction date for Sept 24th! Yay! I am due the 29th so it's only 5 days ealry. I am really excited and I hope that maybe I will get an 8 pounder this time. Maybe high 7 pounder? I guess we will see. With Brady I was a week and a half over, so hopefully by going a little bit early this little gal won't be as huge. :)

And for your viewing pleasure, though I'm not sure how pleasurable it is, here is my 34 weeks pic.

And another of Brady trying to learn how to ride his bike. He had his feet on the pedals for so long and then wouldn't put them up when I got the camera... in fact wouldn't even look at the camera.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok, Ok

So, i decided to finally update everyone on our life... We have been so busy and I am really trying to hurry and catch up on scrapbooking before baby #2 is born. We will see how far i get...

So, we went to Moab. It was really fun! Brady did pretty well on the rides to and from. We had movies and games for him to play and stuff. But wow, it was a LONG ride. Only 4 hours, but still. So, we went to Arches National Park and the first day was HOT HOT HOT!! So, we went for a short little walk to see Delicate Arch from far away.

Brady won't smile for pics. So here he is practicing for his GQ shoot. :)

Our cabin that we stayed in. It was SO nice!

Then Court and I went to hike the Arch when it wasn't so blazing hot outside. Brady Stayed with Grandma. But that day was rainy and cool, so the hike wasn't bad.

Then, most recent, we went to the County Fair over the weekend which was really fun! There were pony rides and a petting zoo, and carnival rides, and more! Here are a few shots of that.

Petting zoo fun, Brady didn't really like the animals to eat out of his hand but we got a couple pics of it.

(Sorry for the sideways pic, don't know how that happened.)

Then, he wanted to go for a pony ride, but only for about 30 seconds, luckily, I got one picture.

There were also Kangaroos... Random, I know.

And then the biggest rabbit I have ever seen.

So, those are the highlights hope you liked it!!