Saturday, January 31, 2009

6 things....

So my Canadian friend, Julia, tagged me. So, this is good, cuz it gives me something to blog about...

Rules: Write 6 random things about myself, link the person who tagged you & post the rules. Tag six people. Let them know they have been tagged.

1. Most of my time now consists of watching kid movies and playing with Brady. It's good cuz the new movies are actually quite entertaining and the old movies, I am catching everything I missed when watching them as a little kid... you know like the adult humor and dialog that there is no way that children know anything about. For instance in the Jungle Book, the elephant in charge talks about when he was in the Mah Haragh's party or something. I only know about the Mah Haragh because of Moulin Rouge... But that is a great example about how watching kid movies are actually entertaining and educational.

2. I am SICK of renting!! I can't wait til we find a home that will work for us to buy. hopefully soon!

3. I recently have rediscovered the fun of playing hearts and minesweeper. It's a challenge and it is pretty fun. and addicting...

4. Court made me a shelf and I still haven't painted it. It is really cute! I am kinda waiting til we get a house...

5. I get random songs in my head. For instance, this morning, court and I both had a song in our heads, the same one, it was about a car. Anyway, neither of us can remember it right now, and neither of us knew where we heard it. It was just in our head.

6. Hmmm, I can't wait til Spring. I used to really like the winter when I snowboarded. But now, i haven't been this whole year and I am counting down the days til Spring! only about a month and a half... plus or minus a couple weeks. :)

Now, I tag:
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Time, my new friend!

So my brother Jon got Brady a movie for Christmas! Everytime that we are in the family room he immediately gets the remote and hands it to us and says, "bee pooh, bee pooh!" (it's the new winnie the pooh movie, "My friends tigger and Pooh." or that might be movie, I haven't figured it out yet...) over and over! until we turn it on. Then we turn it on and he watches it over and over again! It is really cute! He dances to all the songs and jumps around too. There is a little girl named Darby in it and he laughs whenever she does. It is so funny! There is this one part where Pooh is flying a kite and he gets blown away with the wind and Darby goes and to catch him and when he is back on the ground, the kite falls down and Darby laughs and BRady thinks that part is so funny! I rewind it for him a few times and he laughs over and over!

Anyway, that is all that is new with us, I now get a little bit of time to get things done without him running under my feet.

Here are some pics of Brady watching the movie!

Anyone know any other good movies for a 15 month old?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Geez!

All right I am going to try to do this in 100 words/pictures or less.... HAHA! Just kidding! No way will there be time for that! I will just get to the pics and we will go from there.

First, over Thankgiving, we went down to Delta and while we were there, we got to help build their new garage!

Here is Little Worker Brady.

Here is us putting up a wall. With 5 Brothers, I have never done anything like this. I was like, "we have to what?!"

After that Came Christmas. (I know that more stuff happened in between there, but come on I am trying to do 2 whole months less than 100 pictures.)
Our Tree and Merry Christmas everyone!

Later, after New Years, here is our little UTE fan, and wasn't that an AWESOME game!!

Here is Court and Brady enjoying his new bean bag football while watching the game.

Next, Brady and I go to the gym every morning and he goes and plays in the playroom while I go workout. Here is Brady and his gym girlfriend. Her name is Kaylee and Brady LOVES her! Her mom and I decided that they needed to play away from the gym so they came over on Friday afternoon.

And the most recent event in our lives is SLEDDING! Brady loved this by the way! We would get down the hill and would laugh and laugh!

Here is Brady going down the hill with Dad!

Going down with Mom!

Going down all by himself... don't worry it was a little hill...and Dad was right there at the bottom to catch him.

Walking with Dad. I mostly like this one cuz it shows how chubby the snow suit made him look!

Playing in the snow with Mom.

Anyway, maybe it wasn't less than 100 words, but if was definitely less than 100 pictures!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great! And until next time, See ya!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog vacation...

So, despite what our blog looks like, we are still alive and we did have a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years... But you see in order for me to write about these events I would need to #1 have at least 30 minutes to write, insert pics, etc. and we all know that when inserting pics, sometimes this takes a really really long time... #2 I would need to upload all the pics that I took including get the ones that gramma took in order to have the best selection, #3 I would need to blog instead of doing my favorite after Christmas activity, PUZZLES! I love when I get a puzzle for Christmas. Then I can spend the next month wasting time putting it together... :) #4 I am sure there is another reason but I can't think of it at the moment... Anyway, I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and that 2009 has found you happy and well!