Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coffee table!

Finally finished this baby! After lots of ridiculousness. How you ask? In a nutshell. Take it apart, sand it, prime it, paint it, put back together. Glass didn't fit. Gr. razor blade the place where the glass goes. Sand, repaint. Glass finally fits, but only if we put it in a certain way. Gr. don't care, clean glass. Done!! Yay!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old fashioned doughnut muffins.

I made these delicious muffins this morning. Got the recipe from Pinterest. And you can find it at Somewhere on that site. I cooked them for a little longer than it said to, next time, I won't do that. A couple minutes longer made them slightly dry. Still delish, don't get me wrong. Do they taste like old fashioned doughnuts? Not exactly, they are more like spice cake doughnuts with a glaze on it. Will I make them again? Absolutely!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh, that's who I am.

So, another thing that I'm finding is this. When I was yw pres, part of the Devil's way to trick and confuse me was this. He tricked me into thinking I didn't have time/energy for the things that make me who I am. Things like reading, spending days with my kiddos, doing fun things for my honey, making a delicious meal, scrap booking (haven't exactly done that yet, but I feel like I could and I feel that I want to), taking time to really clean my house (I know, cleaning, bleh, but it makes me feel good to have a clean home with laundry done), getting dressed cute (probably has to do with i can actually SEE my clothes now cuz my closet is huge, although, i am really looking forward to getting unpregnant so that i can wear normal clothes again), taking my kids to the park and being able to really watch and play with them instead of having my head elsewhere, singing with my kids, etc. These are things that, since I've been in Vegas, I have found again. Since im not under constant attack by the Evil one. And I have to say, feels kinda good to remember that part of me. It's a little like a breath of fresh air. :)

It's Halloween time!!

So, we craft. We made Monster hands, which was a lot of fun! All I did was trace the kids' hands and forearms, cut and paste on construction paper. And then let the kiddos go to town on decorating their monster arms with things I had around the kitchen. Beans, noodles, dry oatmeal, sprinkles, and other things too. Kids had a blast and it helped me to pass our time. :)


So, we moved. I have mixed feelings about this. We were set in our home in eagle mountain, ut. And we loved our ward and neighborhood. Still love it. But except now, it's not ours. The kids had friends their age who had parents that i trusted. I loved my calling. Anyway, you get the gist. We liked it there. But whenever we are comfortable Heavenly Father throws a curveball every once in a while. So, Court got the job offer in Las Vegas. We prayed and prayed about whether it was right or not... I kept waiting for the answer, "No, stay where you are, where you are comfortable, and where you love." But as many of us know, our plans are not usually God's plans. Even though his are usually better. Go figure. Anyway, so we moved to Las Vegas last week. I'm excited for this new exciting adventure for my family. And trying to fill my new found "time" with things for the kids and me to do. (Time I didn't have before because of piano, YW, etc.)

I miss my comfort zone, but hopefully will be able to find a new one soon.