Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is this sunshine??

So, all of the sudden the weather has decided to become sunny! Yay! We are so excited! We can FINALLY use our pool and invite all of you to come swim! So, anyway, here is the update from the last few weeks... Done as usual, with pictures. :)

Since it decided we lived in Seattle for about a month, we did LOTS of things inside.

We played hide and seek, here is Brady hiding in the closet on the shelf. He was hiding from dad. Brady Loves to hide and have dad come find him.

Here is Brady finger painting.

Here we are at the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We went there last saturday when there was a major down pour.

digging for bones.

Here is Brady seeing which dino he weighs as much as. I can't remember which one... I should have written it down.

Brady playing in the water and sand with the dinosaurs. Something about learning about erosion.

And this is what we do now that it's SUNNY!! Woohoo!

Playing at Gramma and Grampa Martin's house to celebrate Grampa's birthday and Father's Day. We did it all on Monday so that we could have a big water party!

Playing on the water toys.

Brady LOVES to jump on the tramp, and he gets pretty high too. My mom has a pic that I have to get form her to show you all how high he jumps. It's like a foot in the air. Maybe it's not that much, but I think it is. He's not quite two, you know. :)

Playing with uncle Dave on the little play four wheeler. Brady calls it his Mococo, which being interpreted is Motorcycle.

And last but not least, those of you who stuck around for this last picture are gonna laugh! Well, we got my dad a "slip n slide" for his b-day/father's day, which was supposed to be for the little kids, but if any of you know my bros and my husband, you know that they were gonna be right there. Anyway, there are three lanes so you can race eachother down the slide. AND it came with tubes to make you go faster down the slide. So, Court and my brother Nate were racing and court decided he was gonna run really fast and beat Nate. Well, he ended up missing the tube or something, I don't know exactly, I was taking the pic. But anyway, he totally face planted... And here the picture to show it, right in the middle.

Well, that's all for now, TTYL!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow! Lots to blog about since last time, I will try not to bore your ear off, with many details. :) So, We have moved into our place and are SOO happy to be here and have our own place again! Here are some pics of what it looks like so far...

Our living Room, we are still waiting for the piano arrival, will be tomorrow.

Here is the kitchen.

Here is Brady by the pool.

Let me know if there are more rooms you want to see, I still need to take more pics to share.

We have gone on many adventures since being back up in Salt Lake. It's WAY easier to go to things when we are so close! We have gone to storytime at the library, played with friends, gone to free museum day, which is the Museum of Natural history at the U. It's done the first Monday of each month! So fun!

gone to Delta to visit family, here is Brady and Grampa Morris on top of this manmade hill. Each year Delta hosts a rock crawl. It's really fun to watch!

Playing in the water at gramma Martin's house. Brady got away while I was getting his sun screen... the result...

Adventure in potty training... He keeps being interested then not, and back and forth. I don't want to force him, any ideas? I am hoping to make it happen before baby #2 is born... we will see.

And the result of all this madness is that Brady falls asleep during lunch. He pushed away his plate the other day and put his head down on the table. So i took a picture. :)

Anyway, I think that's it, I'm sure there is more, but I can't remember, I have the pregnancy mush brain now. Hehe :)