Saturday, April 5, 2008

So we got married!

We got married on the 15th of December, 2006. It was wonderful!! The marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple.

It was supposed to be cold that day, so I was prepared with white boots and a cape, but it was actually very warm until it snowed that evening.

I had to try to lift Court! And I did it! Wedding dress and all! It was really fun!

The famous dip in front of the temple.

When Sharee and Court met...

Well, after I got home from my mission, I moved out with one of my fave companions! We went to a student ward. After a series of events in my life and Court getting kicked out of his ward for being out of the boundaries, we finally met the end of July 2006. I remember seeing him that day at church and everytime our eyes met, my stomach would do a flip-flop. I kept thinking to myself, "When is he going to come talk to me?" But he never did...he thought I was dating someone... So, that night at ward prayer, my friends are I went and so did Court. And as it ended up court said the prayer that night. After he did, I tried to stick around and wait for him to come and talk to me...but he still never did. So, finally we left. It just so happened that Court and I left at about the same time and he was walking out behind us. So, I thought to myself, "If he isn't going to talk to me, I will talk to him." And as I thought what I could say, the only thing I could think of was, "That was a nice prayer." So, that is what I said. He then said "thanks, you're name is Sharee right?" And I said, "Ya, you're Courtney right?" And that is how we began.

On our first date, Court took me to a church that is really old and has a pond and ducks in the back. There, we had a picnic and Court serenaded me by playing the guitar and singing. It was really cute! After dating for about five weeks, we got engaged. We just knew we wanted to get married and knew it was right!

We are now bloggers!

You guessed it! We are now bloggers! Now everyone can stay updated with what is new with us!